Lead – Grow – Flourish

October 22 – November 30

We’re marking the 96th anniversary of Toastmasters with another big cash giveaway…
Almost a century ago, our founder, Ralph Smedley, had a vision. He wanted to build a network of clubs across the world. Clubs that would lead, grow and flourish, whilst helping to develop, not only the organisation, but each and every person who walked through the door.

To help honour and continue the tradition and ethos of our organisation we’re launching a winter giveaway, designed to help your club lead, grow and flourish.

How can your club take part?

It’s easy! Before 30 November 2020 you simply need to:

Ensure all of your club officers are registered on Pathways
Add 5 new or dual members to your club*

What’s up for grabs?

The first 20 clubs to complete the challenge will receive £50 from the District to spend on club supplies.

Find out more – just like that

Terms and Conditions Apply
*Late renewals and member transfers do not count toward your 5 new members