Hybrid Meetings – Frequently Asked Questions

Running a survey

I know the club members just want it to go back to normal, why even send this out ?

Members’ circumstances can change quickly and it is good practice to consult openly and transparently

So, we do a survey and that’s it?

This exercise is only effective as part of a larger consultative/change process and should only be informing next steps and not be providing the sole mandate for decisions. People should also be given the option of one to one conversations

I am zoomed out, what if the club vote to stay online ?

While this is unfortunate there are very likely to be alternative options available

What if the level of response is low?

If it is less than 40% of active members, then it is likely that the members are not interested in hybrid meetings and perhaps the Club Committee should be focusing its energies on other issues.

I am an overseas member and my club is now in person only, what are my options ?

There were many online TM clubs before the pandemic and likely to be even more after. Also many Toastmasters are increasingly members of multiple clubs so it’s a growing community

We don’t have the money to do this or the equipment

There are potentially cost-effective solutions available so money may not be a barrier, particularly if the membership is motivated to pursue the option. Thus ensuring this reflects the memberships’ desires is key.