Mike Burrows – Candidate for Division Director

Mike Burrows – Candidate for Division Director

Target Excellence, Accept Peoples’ Best Efforts

I am standing for the Role of Division Director for Division A on Saturday the 4th of May at the District 91 Council Meeting.

My experience as Area Director for Area 62, the largest geographical Area in District 91, has prepared me for supporting Division A, one of two geographically large Divisions.
As Pathways Guide last year and as Club Coach for the majority of the current Toastmasters’ Year, I have in depth experience of how to support Clubs at a detailed level. Additionally I have served as Club President, Area Governor and Treasurer over six of my seven years of being a Toastmaster.

What do i see as my reason to be a Toastmaster?

I joined Toastmasters initially to meet Koreans who spoke English – yes, in South Korea. I soon embraced the Toastmasters ethic of supporting members in helping them to achieve more than they thought they could do! The support idea has grown as I have recognised the importance of guiding clubs to strive for excellence.

Getting older, wiser and now retired from work, I have risen to the challenge of putting something back into Toastmasters to help others. Whether it is in developing individuals, coaching a club, organising a team of judges and officers, or even organising a Division Conference, I am there to guide, support and help people along their Toastmasters’ journey.

I am at the end of a phone line, email or on-line link: available to support, provide guidance or lend a sympathetic ear to anyone who wants some help.

What will I do for Division A?

Given the responsibility, I will draw together the Area Directors in our team into a cohesive group, supportive of each other and, most importantly, their Clubs and Committees. I will establish regular on-line meetings where we will discuss the challenges and targets required to ensure that Clubs deliver exciting, stimulating meetings for their members. My priorities will be to identify those Areas with struggling Clubs, so that we can provide help as swiftly and efficiently as possible to turn the Club around and build it back up to strength.

It will be my objective to ensure Area Directors pay attention to detail that will result in the continuation of Division A maintaining high standards in the Distinguished Club Program – Presidents Distinguished Status, as has been done this year!

I will challenge the Area Directors in my Team to deliver their best efforts to guide their clubs to deliver their Administrative Targets and more importantly support and guidance for their members to achieve their goals to improve as Speakers in Meetings. The result will be excellent achievements in the DCP, for Clubs and Areas.

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