October Educational Achievements – Congratulations!

awardThe following members have achieved communication and leadership awards in the month of October. Congratulations to all of you! What will your next step in your Toastmasters journey be?

Special congratulations this month to Marc Lottig of City Limits Speakers, who achieved his Distinguished Toastmaster award. The Distinguished Toastmaster is the highest educational achievement in the Toastmasters educational program. Members who have achieved this award have demonstrated exceptional knowledge and service to others and I hope that more of you will aspire to achieve it. Congratulations, Marc!

Hindocha, Kim, CC, London Business School Public Speaking Club
Fernandez, Maria, ALB, 1st London Toastmasters
Brown, Duncan, ACS, Abingdon Speakers Toastmasters Club
Crowther, Charlotte, CL, City Limits Speakers
Gould, Julie, CC, Early Bird Speakers
Blyth, Leigh, CL, Meridian Speakers Club
Krivoshein, Mikhail, CC, Russian English Speakers
Graham, Stephen, ALS, Casterbridge Speakers
Graham, Stephen, LDREXC, Casterbridge Speakers
Lottig, Marc, ALS, Covent Garden Speakers
Barfoot, Rosie, ACB, Casterbridge Speakers
Vear, Steve, ACB, Wessex Speakers Club
Nicourt, Laurent, CL, Sytel Reply Toastmasters
Wilson, Gary, CL, 1st London Toastmasters
Greenwood, Alan, CC, Epsom Speakers Club
Lottig, Marc, LDREXC, City Limits Speakers
Flynn, Dudley, CL, Broadgate Speakers in the City
Goodwin, Edwin, CC, The Speakers of Croydon Club
Nedimovic, Branko, CC, 1st London Toastmasters
Coquis Ortiz, Gino, CL, London Cardinals Club
Petermann, Nadine, CC, WIBF Speakers-City Club
Wallace, Dee Ann, CL, TJXpressions
Toomey, David, ACB, South West Speakers
Skelton, Brian, LDREXC, Kings Speakers
Varholak, Peter, CL, Russian English Speakers
MacGuire, Christina, ACB, Woking Speakers Toastmasters Club
Ni Mhaidin, Caitriona, CC, Speakers Corner
Brotherton, Cecily, ALB, Worthing Speaker’s Club
Eifion-Jones, Sandy, CL, SURBITON SPEAKERS
Bottrell, Dominic, ALB, Hamwic Speakers
Terry, Pullin, CL, London Victorians

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