Open House

An Open-House Meeting is a meeting open to the general public to show case Toastmasters.

It fulfils a number of core purposes

  • Raising the profile of Toastmasters in the United Kingdom
  • Raising the club’s profile within its immediate vicinity and community
  • Attracting a large number of guests to the club, the more the merrier!
  • Encouraging guests to take an active part in an energetic meeting
  • Amplifying the recognition of achievements and participation by everyone present
  • Inspiring guests to join the club and become members of Toastmasters.

A successful open-house meeting will require a fair amount of prior preparation. A big measure of success of an open-house is to have an audience that’s highly engaged with the meeting itself so that it sees the benefits of Toastmasters first-hand.

To help you get started take a look at our Open House Guide.

For support and guidance on running an Open House please reach out to Helena Boden-Brewer D91 Club Growth Director.

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