Rupa Datta – Candidate for Division Director

Rupa Datta – Candidate for Division Director

Why are you running for this District Leadership Role? Why now?

I’ve observed Division B either from afar or from within for 4 years. We are producing some excellent communicators/winners however the emphasis on leadership development is lacking.

In terms of timing, I feel that with all of the other changes we are undertaking as an organisation such as Pathways transition and the like, a longer term view is needed. My goal is to serve in a role where I feel I can add the most value.

What is your vision for the role?

To create future leaders with the long term interests of the Division/Organisation at heart

How will you go about achieving this vision?

  1. Education/Re-education of the Toastmasters educational programme
  2. Succession Planning to begin from 1st July 2019 at all levels in the Division
  3. Emphasis on blend of skills development within Toastmasters and real life

How do you plan to achieve Distinguished status?

It is hard to fully answer this question without knowing for sure what the Division profile will look like i.e. re-alignment and club leadership teams, however Division B has had a good track record in this area, achieving Distinguished status in 2 of the last 3 years and currently on track to do so this programme year.

For me, the most effective way to do this is to ensure that Area Directors understand their roles and Club Leaders receive the highest quality training we can offer. Moments of Truth and DCP education at club level to be delivered also.

What is the greatest challenge you may face as District Leader?

Resistance from others. This may take shape in the form of apathy, ‘knowing best’, or simply personality clashes.

How will you work with others to achieve success?

A test for all of us I feel! As we often don’t know for sure who will be in our teams every year at Toastmasters, team formation and understanding is key. For my proposed immediate team, establishing an agreed form of communication and frequency is key. At club level, I feel it is important to be visible and approachable without undermining the Area Director or President and an avid networker, establishing mutually beneficial relationships with the rest of the District Leadership team as early as possible will be a focus.

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