Who’s Who 2019/2020

As district leaders, we part of Toastmasters International, an organization with a noble mission: to empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.

Serving as a district leader is a great responsibility and an exciting opportunity. It is filled with chances to renew your perspective, practice
teamwork and develop your capacity to translate values and strategies into
productive actions.


Full Name and Title

District Director Florian Bay DTM Florian Bay
Program Quality Director Arnaud Sartre
Club Growth Director Helena Boden-Brewer
Administration Manager Ruth Ribeiro  
Finance Manager Violet Karamagi
 PR Manager Susan Rayner  
Immediate Past District Director Andy Hammond DTM Andy Hammond web pic1 small
Division Director A Mike Burrows
Area Director A1 Rob Dewing
Area Director  A14 Tugçe Yilmaz
Area Director  A42 Mona DaSilva
Area Director  A46 Debs Wallace
Area Director A62 Grace Jones
Division Director B Rupa Datta
Area Director B6 Gagan Singh
Area Director B8 Shane Snow
Area Director B29 Adam Flisiak
Area Director  B52 Adolfo Tunon
Division Director C Ken Essien
Area Director  C2 Sarita Yadav
Area Director  C5 Anja Eichen
Area Director  C33 Rakesh Patel
Area Director C34 Alex McKee
Area Director  C45 Richard Fallon
Division Director H Sandra Mighty
Area Director  H15 Adenola Olayide
Area Director  H32 Tom Thompson
Area Director H35 Michael Crane
Area Director  H37 Mo Dawodu
Area Director  H53 Vaneshen Mootoosamy
Area Director  H55 Ellis Byrne
Division Director J Nikita Parks
Area Director  J4 Diane Richardson
Area Director J7 Murielle Sarda-Hutchings
Area Director J10 Bryan Gunton
Area Director J11 Jackie Preuss
Area Director  J21 Tom Hostetler
Area Director  J22 Carrie Baker
Division Director K Liang T Li  
Area Director  K3 Kemi Folarin
Area Director  K12 Dave Longley
Area Director K13 Andrew Morgan
Area Director  K31 Avni Vij
Area Director K58 Nadya Hamedi
Area Director  K59 Francis Itoadon
Division Director L Beauty Zindi  
Area Director  L9 Andy Blake
Area Director  L16 Monika Swiderska
Area Director L47 Rosy Holt
Area Director  L56 Elaine Kelly
Area Director  L61 Nike Ogundana
Alignment Committee Chair Janet Alkema
Leadership Committee Chair Andy Hammond DTM
Parliamentarian Sarah Beckwith
Conference Director  
District Chief Judge Neil Coleman
ICT Chair Ramesh Halai
Logistics Vacant

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