Helping individuals find their voice

We empower individuals through personal and professional development, through a network of localised clubs, each featuring a unique culture, so there’s no pressure to join the first club you visit. Attending club meetings as a guest is free, so visit as many as you like until you find a club that fits your personality.

Clubs meetings are held either weekly or twice a month, usually, our club meetings are in the evening, although some clubs meet in the morning or afternoon.

Every meeting our members have the chance to practice their speaking skills by presenting a prepared speech to club members.  Speakers are given feedback, often by a more experienced member who provides constructive feedback based on their performance.

Within the meeting members also have the opportunity to practice their impromptu speaking with off-the-cuff speeches which are assigned on the spot by a Topics master.  The aim is to think on one’s feet with minimal preparation, a great way to develop and learn skills that can be transferable into the workplace and in interviews.

To help with your personal and professional development, you’ll learn by following Pathways our structure education programme. It’s an online learning tool which allows you to leverage over 300 practical personal and professional skills.