Contest season is upon us

To assist with your preparations, our District Chief Judge, Neil Coleman delivered a fantastic webinar on the rules and regulations and shared tips to help you all. The webinar is available on the District 91 website for you all to review, along with support documentation.

Do you remember David and Carmen?

Let’s see how they are getting on. Carmen thoroughly enjoyed her first meeting at Club X. She did a table topic and signed up that day! David did almost slip through the cracks, however as the committee of the club did a full audit of the club tools, his email was found and the VP Public Relations of that club followed up with him and invited him as a guest to their next meeting.

We’re deep into membership renewals season

We’re deep into membership renewals season and with online meetings looking like they’ll be our only option for a little while yet, many club committees are wondering how they can use the platform and harness the technology to find new members and continue to grow their clubs. The good news is that many of our District 91 clubs are growing.

Set your voice free with Beyond Toast

Ever listened to a podcast or the radio and thought I could do that? Now’s your chance as the Beyond Toast podcast is looking for guests. Set your voice free. Beyond Toast is a podcast where Toastmasters/Public Speakers/Lovers of language are invited to discuss food in an engaging and light-hearted way. It is inspired by the challenge of adequately conveying the strong emotions typically evoked by the senses, particularly taste, through speech.

Back to school for Toastmasters

Back to school is a usual September activity for many whether a parent, student or a Club member! September is a time for new challenges and opportunities. When was the last time you brought a friend to a meeting? When was the last time you entered a Speech Contest? When was the last time you took on a Club project?

Your vote counts

Every year, Toastmasters International holds its Annual Business meeting, this year online on Friday 28th August 2020 at 12 pm GMT. Every Club in the World has a voice and can impact the future of the organisation. On 22nd July, Club Presidents and Secretaries will have received a notification to assign the Club Proxy and make the Club vote count.

What Could Go Wrong?

Our club was burgeoning.  We had had a bumper January of guests, an Open House in February, and March saw our new members standing up front taking the first steps of their public speaking journeys in front of a friendly and substantive live audience.

Excellence in Education and Training

The start of the Toastmasters year provided the perfect opportunity to deliver online training for the new District Leaders. Over the course of a full day and follow up Division Director and Area Directors sessions, I can report 100% of our District Leaders have been trained, which is fantastic.

A busy year

The new Toastmasters year provides all members with the opportunity to review their personal goals for the year ahead. Already there is interest in establishing new Toastmasters clubs across the District.

Imagine this

A keen individual, let’s call her Carmen, has heard about Toastmasters from a friend and tries to contact her local club via the internet. A few days go by and she hasn’t heard back, so she then picks up the phone to call.

High Impact Online

Online communication is now a way of life, even when we return to what was considered “normal”. The world has changed and there will be some sharp changes in the workplace. Every interaction is a moment of truth, and leaves an impression, whether in person or on-line.

Ending an extraordinary year

Time flies and it’s hard to believe that we’re already in the middle of June with the end of the 2019-20 Toastmasters year just a fortnight away. The least I can say is that this year was a very interesting year for the District and a very successful one on so many levels.

Division A Toastmasters Leadership Institute

Whether you are an experienced committee member or a newly minted 1st-time club officer, you’ll find Division A’s Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) a rewarding experience. The organising team have prepared a fabulous programme of practical workshops to give you the core skills and knowledge you need to build your club’s best year yet.