Can I become a Club Ambassador?

All Toastmasters, who are members with clubs inside District 91 can take part in this year’s Club Ambassador Programme. There is no need to register. Simply visit a club, other than your own and fill in this form to let us know. You can start collecting POINTS today!

What are POINTS?

Each time you visit a new club, you’ll earn POINTS which will count toward your POINT status. Collect just 10 POINTS to achieve Club Ambassador Bronze, 30 POINTS to achieve Club Ambassador Silver and 100 POINTS to achieve Club Ambassador Gold.

How do I earn POINTS?

There are different ways to collect POINTS. Simply by visiting a club you’re not a member of and letting us know, will mean you can start collecting POINTS straight away. But there are lots of ways to add to your POINT haul. Bring along a friend, take a photo with the club banner, take a role or give a speech. Visit a Club that you’re not a member of

  • In your District = 3 POINTS In another District = 5 POINTS Get a photo of yourself with a club member and the banner + 1 POINT Bring a friend along +2 POINTS Take on a meeting role + 2 POINTS Give a prepared speech + 4 POINTS
  • Collect 10 POINTS to achieve Club Ambassador Bronze Collect 30 POINTS to achieve Club Ambassador Silver Collect 100 POINTS to achieve Club Ambassador Gold

How can I benefit from the Club Ambassador Programme?

By visiting new clubs, you’ll meet new people, learn from them, see different ways of doing things and develop skills more quickly. When we first join Toastmasters, most of us push ourselves outside of our comfort zones in order to take on speaking roles and give speeches. However, our clubs can quickly become new comfort zones and it’s only by pushing ourselves again; pushing ourselves out into new unfamiliar surroundings, that we can continue our growth and learning journey. Find out what some of our current Toastmasters have learnt from their time on the Club Ambassador Programme: Andy Blake and Chantal share their Club Ambassador experience.

Ready to get started?

Fantastic! The 2020/2021, Club Ambassador Programme begins on July 01 2020 and runs through until April 30 2021. Simply visit a club that you’re not a member of, let us know using this form, and start collecting POINTS today.

Can I win prizes?

Yes! There will be prizes, certificates and grand titles up for grabs as the Club Ambassador Programme progresses. When you reach, 10, 30 and 100 POINTS, you’ll be given a shout-out on the website and presented with a certificate for becoming a Bronze, Silver and Gold Club Ambassador. Each month we’ll be recognising the member who has collected the most POINTS for that month and presenting them, plus two runners up, with Club Ambassador of the Month awards. The programme runs from July 01 2020 to April 30 2021. The member who has collected the most POINTS over this 10-month period will then be announced as the Club Ambassador of the Year, 2020/21 – following in the footsteps of our previous two champions, Andy Blake and Roz Etwaria.

Some rules…

Do online meetings count?

Yes, you can earn almost the same amount of POINTS for visiting online clubs as you can in the physical world. The only difference when visiting an online club is that you will not receive the extra two POINTS if they are in another District. Theoretically, it should be just as easy to visit a local club as a distant one in the online world, so we’ll reserve those additional 2 POINTS for members attending physical meetings in other Districts.

Can I collect POINTS by visiting a club I am a member of?

No. You can only earn POINTS when you visit clubs you do not belong to.

Do return visits to the same club qualify for POINTS?

No. You can only earn POINTS for any given club, once. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to visit the same club if you’d like to. We encourage that.

Do visits to charter clubs and demonstration meetings count?

Yes! You can earn POINTS for visiting charter clubs and demonstration meetings in the same way as you would a fully chartered clubs. Do Area and Division contests or COT attendances qualify me for POINTS? No. You cannot collect POINTS at contests or Club Officer Training.

What are the dates for the 2020/21 Club Ambassador Programme?

The programme begins on July 01 2020. Any visits made before this date will not qualify for POINTS. The programme ends on April 30 2021. Any visits made after this date will not qualify for POINTS. To qualify for monthly awards, club visits must be submitted no later than the fifth day of the following month. For example, to be in with a chance of becoming Club Ambassador of the Month for July, you will need to ensure all qualifying club visits are submitted by August 5th. Winners will be announced on the website in the second week of August. Any questions? Please contact: