Become a District Leader

*Application deadline is extended to Monday 28th February*

Our amazing organisation is helping you learn and practice communication and leadership skills. As you progress on your journey, you may have already taken on Club leadership roles, supported contests and training events. Now is the time to think about the next step in your Toastmasters development.

The application portal for Program Year 2022/23 elective roles (District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director and Division Director) is now open.

Below are several links to supporting documents as well as the application process to be completed by 28 February 2022. I look forward to receiving your application!

As always, if you have any question, feel free to email or call me directly, and I will be happy to support you in your application.

Application Process

Please complete and return the following documents no later than 28 February 2022:

  • Nomination and application forms
  • Signed DLARS (District Leader Agreement and Release Statement)
  • Biography form or letter answering the following questions:
    • Why you, why now?
    • What Toastmasters leadership role have you held so far?
    • Looking back at your past Toastmasters leadership role(s), describe a success, a challenge, and the lessons learnt
  • Picture / headshot

All these documents should be submitted online on the application portal.

Useful Documents

These supporting documents can be useful for your application:

——— Arnaud Sartre
——— Immediate Past District Director, District Leadership Committee Chair