Become a Star of YouTube

Calling all members of D91

This is your chance to become a star of YouTube (well, for a short time anyway).

To raise the profile of Toastmasters International and Toastmaster clubs throughout Southern England and South Wales to non-members, we are asking all District 91 members to make a 45 second selfie-style video answering one of the questions listed below. You can make as many videos as you like but only answer one question per video.

By limiting your time to 45 seconds it will allow time to add an introduction and a “Call to Action” end board to the video while keeping it to less than a minute which is the maximum time for a YouTube short. If you can’t make a “selfie” video, then ask a friend or club mate to film you, or prop your camera against a book or something similar to hold it steady.

A few things to keep in mind

  • The golden rule is “Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.” Walt Whitman. In other words, have the light in front of you or in front and to one side of your face so we can see you. If you have the light behind you, we can only see a silhouette.
  • The background should be showing people doing things
    • Walking to work or along a high street.
    • Standing on a station background.
    • At work against a busy background or in a workshop etc (with permission if showing other people in the background and in focus)
  • Horizontal or vertical?
    • If you want you video to appear on TikTok or as a YouTube Short, the camera should be held vertically (portrait) and kept as still as possible. Either use a stand or gimble of some sort or prop it against some books.
    • If you want the video to appear on Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube etc the please hold the phone horizontally (landscape) and again please keep as still as possible and use a stand

Members can make as many videos as they like but please answer one question only in each video.

The videos will then be used in D91 marketing materials and posted on several social media channels including but not limited to YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

If we get 1,000 videos, then we can publish three a day on multiple social media platforms for nearly a year which will help promote clubs and boost membership as it will raise the profile of Toastmasters throughout the district.

The questions to answer

  1. Why I joined Toastmasters?
  2. What I learned at Toastmasters?
  3. How I learned to plan at Toastmasters?
  4. How I learned to listen at Toastmasters?
  5. How I learned Improv Speaking at Toastmasters?
  6. How I learned Teamwork at Toastmasters?
  7. How I gained Confidence at Toastmasters?
  8. How I learned to give presentations at Toastmaster?
  9. How I learned to speak publicly at Toastmasters?
  10. Why I am still a member of Toastmasters?
  11. How I found my voice at Toastmasters?
  12. How I gained promotion with Toastmasters?
  13. How I nailed my job interview with Toastmasters?
  14. What’s your biggest success since joining Toastmasters?
  15. How have your expectations or preconceptions of Toastmasters changed?
  16. How has being a member of Toastmasters helped you professionally?

What happens next?

Once you are happy with your video then please upload it to the District 91 website. Add your club’s email address and website or Facebook link when uploading the video.

We can then add your details to the start of the video.

At the end of the video, we will add a call to action which is why we ask for your club’s email address and website or Facebook link.

Why do we need so many videos?

The plan is to daily publish 3 or 4 short videos on different social media channels, Facebook, YouTube, TikToc etc between now and the end of June 2022 to help clubs grow their membership.

Other videos you may want to make

For your club website and social media pages you may well want to make a video tour of you physical meeting space both outside and inside.

  • Clubs can also ask members to make videos about their own club and what makes them special at the same time.
  • How, when, and where are you meeting now and if that is going to change as some clubs are moving back to face-2-face.
  • Can clubs who have renewed 20+ members also make a video on how they did it.

Videos for the Conference 2022

Debbie Williams, the Conference 2022 Director is looking for very short videos to help promote the 2022 District 91 Conference. She wants individual members to say “I am District 91” or to hold a sign up saying #district91.

If you have any questions about Conference or its promotion, please contact Debbie.

Any questions please please contact Diane, Club Growth Director to find out more.

Many thanks for your help.