Believe in yourself!

Listening to a podcast recently and the takeaway message that settled with me is to believe in myself. We are often our own self doubters. Ok, we may not always get it right, but we have learnt by venturing into something new. Sometimes, this might just surprise us.

We as Toastmaster members have embarked on our own personal development journey. We all have our own reasons on why we joined and for why we stay. I am reminded of a regular comment that Toastmaster club meetings are a safe place to practice and try something out. Over the last year, this is surely the adaptability to learn to speak and deliver messages in an online arena. As we head forward, through this year, I say to you, believe in yourself.
Club Officer Training

The last couple of months have been busy with the second round of club officer training.

Thank you to all the Division and Area Directors for delivering a broad range of officer training events.

The District incentive of 7/7 is in play.

So far, 10 clubs that have achieved all 7 of their officers completing their training, congratulations to 7/7 winning clubs:-

  • Shilling Speakers
  • Broadgate Speakers
  • 1st London Toastmasters
  • PMI Toastmasters
  • The Speakers of Croydon
  • Croydon Communications
  • Toasted Sandwich Toastmasters
  • Berkhamsted Speakers
  • Oxford Speakers
  • Voice of Wales

Corporate COT Sprint

To support our corporate clubs in training their club officers, the District is conducting a first Corporate COT Sprint. The Sprint will run from 15 February to 26 February. There are six one-hour lunchtime sessions, virtual doors open at 12:00 the training commences from 12:15 to 13:15, of which club officers are required to attend three.

In the first week, the sessions will run on 15, 17 & 18 February.
In the second week, the sessions will run on 22, 23 & 26 February.

All corporate clubs that require club officer training are invited to take part in the Sprint.

In addition, there will be an evening session on Wednesday 24 February focusing on our corporate club officers, though open to all, that still require their training credit.

Registration details have been posted on the District Calendar.

All club officers training during this round must be completed by 28 February.

Talk up, Toastmasters!

This is the time when club VPPRs creativity shines through. There are many opportunities write articles for your local publications, work community pages for the District external PR agency. Short videos, creating podcasts and streaming live, give it all a go. Already radio interviews are well underway. If you are preparing to deliver an interview couple of tips.

Three Tips:

Research – Listen in advance to the radio station and to the presenter that you are going to be interviewed by. The presenter will guide you and will keep the conversation going, that is what they are there to do.

Event – What are you going to talk about? Seems obvious, though it is worth making a list of key points you want to talk about. The last thing you want is for the interview to end and you have completely forgotten to mention the upcoming event.

Promote – You are best placed to push this out there. Start by pushing out messages about your appearance and encourage listen live on our own social media channels. Then extend the messages, to your club, Division and District social media channels. After the interview, the link can be shared on social media too. This catch-up option allows for a wider audience reach. Remember to like, comment and share.

Upcoming events


7 February – Advanced Clubs, Kala Flynn
14 February – Zoom Support, John Drinkwater
21 February – DISC Profile, Liz Hobbs
28 February – Surviving Council Meetings with Parliamentary Procedure, Jean Gamester, Pat Johnson and Marike Dijksterhuis
All the links to register are on the District Calendar.


6 March – Speaker to Trainer with Sam Warner, places are limited, please contact Sam to reverse your spot.


Go for it and believe in yourself.

Helena Boden-Brewer, DTM
Program Quality Director