Which clubs won the Early Payment Award in August 2021?

Congratulations to the following clubs who have all won the August Early Payment Award by renewing more than 12 members until March 2022 by the end of August.

Hamwic Speakers (A1)
Shilling Speakers (A1)
Casterbridge Speakers (A42)
Verizon EMEA Online Toastmasters Club (A46)
London Olympians (B6)
West London Speakers Club (B6)
King Speakers (B52)
City of London Toastmasters (C58)
PMI UK (C58)
Guildford Speakers (D14)
Camberley Speakers (D14)
Riverside Communicators (D29)
Mole Valley Leatherhead (D53)
Surbiton Speakers (D53)
Liberty Speakers (H15)

Bromley Speakers (H35)
Bicester Achievers (J7)
Voice of Wales (J10)
Valleys and Vale Speakers (J10)
Central London Toastmasters (K3)
Wharf Speakers (K31)
City Women Speakers (L56)
Lockton Toastmasters (L56)
Harrovian Speakers (L61)