Have you unlocked another level or a hidden gem?

I know we have some gamers in the D91 community. I ask this question thinking about video games that I used to play (less so these days!) and some of the adventure books that I used to read. Out there the end of a chapter may give you the option to go in one or more directions.

Our learning experience curriculum, Pathways is a little like that.

Last month, I wrote about Level 1 of each Path. This month, I’d like to draw your attention to what successfully achieving a Level 2 completion certificate ‘unlocks’ for you.

Pathways Level 1 completion Certificate

Level up!

We’re fast approaching the Autumn Contests Season. To be a judge in any of our contests above the club level, achieving completion certificates in Levels 1 and 2 in any path is a prerequisite. More information on the specifics can be found in the 2021-2022 Speech Contest rulebook

The same level completions open the door to competing in the International Speech Contest. It takes place in the Spring and culminates at The World Championship of Public Speaking® at our International Convention every year. Our District Chief Judge will be running a session on Judging and Contests as part of our webinar series. This will be held on 15th August as part of our webinar series. Register here.

The real hidden gem, however, is the Pathways Mentor Program. Mentoring, like evaluations, is one of the cornerstones of the Toastmasters experience. Even if you think that you haven’t been a member long, we have a structured mentorship program that you can work through as you help another member along the way. If you’ve recently completed Level 2 (or above) take a look in Basecamp. We’d love to see every club put someone through this during the next 11 months.

Beyond this, I’d like to give you a summary of what else has been happening in the last month in Program Quality and what you can expect next. The start of the Toastmasters year is very much about training, and most of July has been filled with Toastmasters Leadership Institutes and specific training for our corporate club leaders.

Program Quality Team

I’ve been building and getting to know my core team for this year. Let me introduce you to them.

  • Samantha Warner has agreed to stay on as the lead for our ‘From Speaker to Trainer’ courses and we aim to deliver 6 this year. The first has just concluded, with another date scheduled for September. She will also continue to oversee our Trainers Bureau. You will hear more about that in the coming months.
  • Christopher Walker has taken the baton to serve as our Chief Judge for our contests cycle this year.
  • Steve Birch has taken the baton to serve as the District’s Speechcraft Lead. You’ll continue to hear more about Speechcraft as the year progresses.
  • Andrew Bennett remains our Youth Leadership lead and we’re excited that 2 courses are already in the pipeline.
  • John Drinkwater put his hand up to take over as webinar manager at one of our recent leadership institutes – you never know where an opportunity will arise.
  • Alistair Barton remains our webinar PR manager.

Throughout the year, there will be more opportunities and projects for growth and development. Keep your eyes peeled.

A wise lady, Helen Blanchard, the first female Toastmasters International President, once said

If you get out of Toastmasters, all you can get out of Toastmasters, you’ll never get out of Toastmasters.

For now, enjoy the next leg of your journey. Sometimes the greatest learning will come when you least expect it.

Rupa Datta,

District 91 Program Quality Director 2021-2022