In the Footsteps of Champions

Verity Price returns to Excalibur after winning the World Champion of Public Speaking 2021

At Excalibur Speakers, we were thrilled to host World Champion of Public Speaking 2021 Verity Price who joined our latest meeting, where she was enthusiastically interviewed by Debbie Williams and took questions from the audience.

Did you know that Verity practised her speech for 100 days non-stop in 4 clubs every day? By the time she transformed her living room into the International Stage, she had given her speech over 400 times. What an inspiring example of determination and discipline!

While Verity came to thank us for having been one of the clubs who helped her practise, we were thrilled to have her back – much to the surprise of our star-struck audience.

Verity Price at Excalibur Speakers

In the Footsteps of Champions

The meeting on 1st September became an outstanding and well-attended event. Toastmaster Ben Starling led a challenging Table Topics session designed to fire up our creativity. Then the traditional instant evaluations practice kept everyone on their toes and sharpened our listening skills.

We “sliced and diced” the videos of the 3rd, 2nd and 1st placed champions with our own Excalibur champions Andrew P. Bennett, Ivan Ottaviani and Robert Vilkelis. They facilitated animated conversations on what we could learn from each winner and how we can apply the learning to our own speaking. Our members, fondly known as “Excaliburgers”, and guests shared their feelings and insights on these championship videos as they evaluated the message, gestures, voice, pausing and rhythm of speeches. These discussions were stimulating, unforgettable and educational.

This event truly embodied the spirit of Toastmasters encouraged by our founder Ralph Smedley. We love contests because they are a chance for everyone, from contestants to observers, to get fired up and enjoyment and progress as speakers.

Take on More Challenging Speaking Projects

Excalibur Speakers Club is dedicated to helping its members take on more challenging speaking projects whilst receiving high quality evaluations from experienced fellow members. Our club has produced many District champions in D91, and MC-ed events across the districts and beyond over the years. It’s currently home to one Division Director and four Area Directors.

Our next regular meeting on September 8th at 7pm will include an educational session “Tips for Table Topics” presented by our 2021 D91 Table Topics Champion Andrew P. Bennett, DTM. Just in time for the upcoming contest season. Join us!

——— Kavita Dulai, DTM
——— VP PR Excalibur Speakers 2021/22