Meet A Toastmaster: Adam Flisiak

Triple Crown & Pathfinder Awards Winner

Adam is a member of Polish Your Polish club. He completed two Pathway paths – Dynamic Leadership and Visionary Communication.

How do you feel about achieving so much?

I’m glad to have achieved two paths in less than two years. I would like to thank all my club members for supporting me in these projects. Also, I really appreciate that I was able to have an opportunity to visit other clubs in our District. That was great and wonderful support as well.

What is your secret to winning the award?

There is no secret. You just need to practice as much as you can. Ask members, mentors, leaders from other clubs to give you feedback. Be consistent in action. Set your goals and deadlines.

I don’t recommend to complete the path as quickly as I did. To be honest, I achieved my big goal in the old program. But decided to continue in Pathways because I wanted to motivate my club members to participate in new team projects.

I would definitely recommend everyone taking on this journey. I learned so much more than before!

What is your next challenge?

Now I need to take break. I would like to focus on my private life. When I achieve my personal goals then… who knows? Maybe I will come back and apply for the District Officer role.