Meet A Toastmaster: Allan Darter-Bragg

Program Quality Award – Educational Award Winner

(completion of multiple paths)

How do you feel about achieving so much?

The paths I have completed are Visionary Communication and Presentation Mastery. Honestly I am happy to have achieved / completed both paths, I was fortunate to have had so many chances to complete projects throughout the year. And I am very grateful for the support I received from my VPE and the members of both Toastmasters clubs as well as the wider Toastmasters network.

What is your secret?

My secret for how I did it so fast is being a member at two clubs. As for why I would recommend someone else to push themselves to complete the pathways projects (not necessarily as quickly as I did, but at their own pace), it’s because you get to try doing new things and learning skills along the way that are useful in many walks of life as you go along.

What is your next challenge?

Getting Stand Out Toastmaster charted before the end of this calendar year 2021 is my next big goal / challenge. In doing so it will provide a home for many new potential Toastmasters in the otherwise sparse coverage currently in the Kent area.