Meet A Toastmaster: Chris Murphy

Table Topics and Evaluation Contest Winner

Chris Murphy from Tunbridge Wells Speakers club won the District 91 Table Topics and also the District 91 Evaluation contest back in 2020.

What is your secret?

I don’t know! I don’t take myself too seriously. I don’t worry about competing particularly. I don’t get too nervous. I just want to enjoy myself.

Why do you think you won?

Two reasons really. One, I’m relaxed and I enjoyed myself, and two, I did a lot of practice.

I practiced weekly first thing, but on the day before each contest I practiced for about six hours with colleagues, reading and thinking and speaking out loud. So on the day I was very much ready for it.

Why would you recommend someone to participate in the Toastmasters speech contest?

It just pushes you to another level. When people compete in clubs they get a bit samey. They think that people in their club the best people and it’s the highest level they can achieve but that isn’t true. There are always better speakers out there with different styles, and also different thoughts and approaches. And I think being exposed to that adds to your game and also just pushes you that little bit harder.

What is your next challenge?

In Toastmasters I’m going to compete again and I’m not so worried about competing at the moment.

On a personal side, I’d like to write a book. I would also like to start a podcast.

Then, I am just developing my niche within speaking mentoring which is my job now as I work with people to be better speakers. And I also do speech writing. That is all a direct result of the things I’ve learned through Toastmasters.