Meet A Toastmaster: Clare Crowther

Distinguished Toastmaster 2022

  1. What is your name, home club and path(s) you are working on?

Clare Crowther

ARMADA speakers

The 2 paths for my Pathways DTM were Visionary Communication and Presentation Mastery. Now I am working on Motivational Strategies and Engaging Humour

  1. How do you feel about this achievement?

I felt amazingly proud when I was awarded the TI Accredited Speaker Award in Vancouver in 2017. As well as detailing the requisite professional speeches, it took a phenomenal amount of practice for that final speech in Canada to an audience of 1800 people! It was a pass/fail so when it was revealed that I’d succeeded I was SO relieved.

My Pathways DTM evoked a sense of achievement at having completed all 7 requirements. It took time and effort but was overall pleasurable.

  1. What is the secret to becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster?

A great deal of thanks is due to my home club, Armada Speakers with my mentor Rory McGill (the longest standing member of Armada Speakers). The Armada Speakers mentors overall were a wonderful team working on my DTM project i.e. easily accessible mentoring resources.(ref oct21 Toastmasters magazine article).

Also thanks to other clubs where I have visited and given speeches.

  1. Why would you recommend this to someone?

Enjoy what the journey brings to you!

  1. What is your next challenge?

Hmm, good question.

I am mentoring 3 aspiring Accredited Speakers so I am looking forward to being the first of many ASs in the UK!

Additional information about Clare’s achievement

  • 1st ever Armada Speakers DTM.
  • Armada Speakers chartered 15 October 2008
  • As part of her DTM, Clare was Club Coach for Armada Speakers when their membership went down to 2 members. Rory McGill was one of these two adn is still a member to this day.
  • As part of her DTM, Clare ran a Speechcraft programme for Plymouth University students.
  • Clare’s Paths completed were Visionary Communication and Presentation Mastery.#
  • Clare’s DTM Project was to provide useful resources for Armada’s marvellous mentors. Featured in the October 2021 “Toastmaster” magazine:   Toastmasters International –
  • Less than 1% (is this correct?) of members Achieve (Pathways?)DTM.
  • DTM is awarded for a combination of projects, speeches and Leadership Roles. An ideal boost to most people’s CV!

Well done, Clare. It’s a massive achievement! We’re all very proud of you at District 91.

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