Meet A Toastmaster: Diane Richardson

Division Director of the Year 2020/21

How do you feel about winning your award?

Very surprised and grateful for having a great team to support me last year, especially as many of my other Divisional Directors last year achieved so much in very difficult times.

What is your secret to winning the award? / Why do you think you won?

I don’t believe there is a secret to winning the award – just great teamwork and regular communication. It’s to ensure everyone believes they made a contribution and helped to make the best decisions we could in the circumstances. Both of my two Deputy Directors, the four Area Directors, and the extended team all made significant contributions throughout the year.

What is your next challenge?

As I am now this year’s District 91 Club Growth Director, the number of challenges grows, too.

  • The first is to help clubs recruit new members so that the average number of members per club will grow from 22 to over 25 or higher. And at the same time to have clubs holding high-energy meetings as this will encourage guests to become members.
  • The second is to grow the number of clubs we have, allowing D91 to become a “Distinguished” or preferably higher awarded district at the end of the year.