Meet A Toastmaster: Eddy Quah

District 91 Finance Manager 2021/22

Why have you joined Toastmasters?

I have heard of Toastmasters for many years and finally took my first step into the Toastmasters’ world by attending an open evening in my locality. The atmosphere on that wet wintry December night was warm, welcoming, supportive, and fun. That got me hooked!

My Toastmaster’s journey commenced soon after. I joined as a charter member at Surbiton Speakers to speak (and many-a-times humour) a supportive audience whilst overcoming my fear of public speaking. It was also a chance to meet to people from all walks of life outside my normal work environment.

What is your Toastmasters journey?

Surbiton Speakers chartered on 8th June 2015. I volunteered as its first Treasurer to help the club open a community bank account, organise the financial processes, and manage its finances.

After successfully serving this role for two terms, I decided to take on the VP Education role. My objective was to drive the club’s Education Program to contribute sufficient points to regain the President’s Distinguished Status for the club.

A year later, I decided to run for the President’s role. Working together with a great leadership team, we jointly learnt, developed, and took the club and members through a memorable year with a joyous 100th event celebration, multiple incentive awards and once again a President’s Distinguished status.

After taking a 6 months ‘sabbatical’ from the Committee, I decided to return to kick-start a Mentoring Program for the Club and have been the VP of Mentoring since April 2021. The program has successfully placed seven members since it started.

Why should anyone take on a leadership role in Toastmasters?

Toastmasters’ leadership roles are fun, challenging, and energising. It is inspiring to see how many members have grown in their public speaking and leadership skills over the years. New lasting friendships have also been formed through Toastmasters and for many, our lives have touched, and it has been for the better!

In January 2021, I stepped down from a NED/Board Treasurer portfolio for a local charity after serving there for 3 years. My time as the D91 Conference Finance Director came to a natural conclusion in May 2021. With some time freed up and when the opportunity to contribute at the District Level came, I accepted the District Finance Manager role as my next challenge. I know well that along this new journey of discovery, I will continue to develop, learn, share, and embrace new friendships.

My humble advice to all members is to seek opportunities, put yourself forward for future leadership positions in your club, area, division, or even district. Challenge yourself and use the Toastmasters’ friendly and supportive environment to enhance your leadership skills! For it is here, at Toastmasters “Where Leaders Are Made!”.

What is your next challenge?

Apart from fulfilling my District Finance manager role to a high standard and ensure that every club claims the incentive they won, I am helping people to rediscover their inner hearts to live a healthier & fuller life as a certified Health & Wellbeing Coach. I am also passionate about the carbon challenge and advise SMEs on their Sustainability & ESG Strategies to make tomorrow brighter and cleaner for the future generation.