Meet A Toastmaster: Jacqui Hogan

Table Topics Contest Winner (Division J), Evaluation Contest Winner (Area J4), International Speech Contest Winner (Area D21)

What is your secret?

Not sure I have a secret unless you count telling stories about what you are passionate about. In my case, this is Penguins. (I love talking about Penguins!)  I try and practise my storytelling skills whenever I can, and have done some training in Improv with Hoopla. I think the secret to winning contests, like so many things, is practice. Being in two clubs definitely helps with this, as does visiting other clubs.

Why would you recommend someone to participate in the Toastmasters speech contest?

The main reason to take part in Contests is that it means you don’t have to organise the Contest! Seriously though, it’s another opportunity to stretch your speaking skills and pitch yourself against the best. As someone once said to me ‘if you want to get good, never pass up a speaking opportunity’.

What is your next challenge?

My next challenge is to get back to speaking in front of a live audience. Much as I’ve got the hang of speaking online – it isn’t the same. I want to hear the audience laugh, not just see faces on the screen. My other challenge is to get the message out there that Penguins are in Peril, something I’ve already started with talks to our local Rotary group.