Meet A Toastmaster: Rachel Walker

Humorous Speech Contest Winner (Division K)

What is your secret?

My speech was a humorous take on what it’s like working from home with your partner during the pandemic, I think I won because it was relatable to so many people. I also told it as a story of moving through the day, and storytelling is such a great technique for public speaking to engage people, plus, as a speaker, stories are easier to remember, so it helped me feel confident in my delivery.

Why would you recommend someone to participate in the Toastmasters speech contest?

It’s such a wonderful community. It pushes you out of your comfort zone but in a safe space where you have fellow Toastmasters cheering you on and you’re able to learn quickly what your style of speaking is and where you want to develop next.

What is your next challenge?

Good question! Prepared speeches are more in my comfort zone now than they used to be, so if I’m honest with myself my next challenge is putting myself forward for Table Topics!