Meet A Toastmaster: Roz Etwaria

Program Quality Award – Educational Award Winner

(completion of multiple paths)

How do you feel about achieving so much?

I have completed 12 paths. Now, you are probably thinking, “There are only 11 paths”.  But, after the magic 11, there is one more called the Pathways Mentor Program. I did that too.  And I have since repeated three more Paths.  Consequently,  I have been dubbed the Jedi of Pathways.

What is your secret?

I never really think about completing the paths. I am working in the area of trauma for adult victim-survivors of childhood sexual abuse. So, I am more focused on how I shape the messages for the work that I am doing.  And that is why I have completed several paths. It helps me continually review my messages.  Messages to help our society become more compassionate and caring. I am happy to share my experience with anyone but multiple paths may not be for everybody.

What is your next challenge?

My next challenge? Well, that would involve goal setting.  I don’t set goals anymore. I now live by faith and not by sight.