Meet A Toastmaster: Shivpriya Gowri

Humorous Speech 2020/21 Contest Winner (District 91)

A humorous speech contest is the toughest of all, especially when we try to crack jokes in front of a computer screen. This the first season that I have progressed beyond the club level in the Humorous Speech Contest. It was thrilling trying to impress an audience I couldn’t see and trying to relate to people in London when I haven’t even visited in real life.

What was challenging was also refreshing. I realized that no one would laugh at me to my face (I could not see any of them). With this confidence, I delivered my speech with utmost enjoyment, then in the Division contest and finally at the District contest.

What I learned is that nothing is impossible. With a great support system and mentorship, we can achieve the impossible. I thank my mentor Dan Magill (HSC Winner 2019), Purley Speakers, and my area director Debbie for their love and support.

Shivpriya Humorous Contest Winner
Shivpriya Gowri

Purley Speakers

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