Meet A Toastmaster: Tim Patmore

Best PR Campaign in 2020/21

for the 60th Anniversary celebration of Oxford Speakers

How do you feel about winning your award?

Overjoyed as we had 61 Toastmasters from across the District (and across the 60-year history of the club’s history). Oxford Speakers has a proud history – it was one of only three clubs to stick with Toastmasters in the 1970s in allowing women to join (and rightfully be the equals of men). Many clubs trace their roots to Oxford Speakers as a result.

What is your secret to winning the award? / Why do you think you won?

We won because we generated a buzz around our club and were not afraid to engage all kinds of people within Toastmasters. Our club (and Toastmasters) is blessed with breadth and depth – a vast community across an astonishing mixture of cultures and backgrounds, mixed with a depth of history that continually enriches and renews our present.

What is your next challenge?

Our club’s next challenge is Hybrid meetings and expanding our club back up to 50+ members (also winning ‘Club of the Year’ again would be nice. 😉 ). Personally: I am helping to revive Didcot Speakers – started in 2019 as one of a new generation of Oxford Speakers’ sister clubs.
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