Meet A Toastmaster: Varun Sharma

 Varun Sharma

Winner of the Lead Generation Award in the Year 2020/21

Sutton Speakeasy

KBR Corporate Club

How do you feel about winning your award?

My feelings are a mixture of gratitude and encouragement. Gratitude towards all who cooperated and supported me throughout the way. And encouragement as this award is the acknowledgment of the hard work and man-hours I put in the process. I consider this as the stepping stone towards great success in the near future for District 91.

What is your secret to winning the award? / Why do you think you won?

The secret is … not to take NO for an answer!

I had heard numerous times that it wouldn’t be possible to launch a club. Especially during the lockdown and especially from corporate clubs, when companes are laying off their workforce.

But through persistence and by trying innovative ways, I managed to get the job done! It was a real success – getting one and a half corporate clubs sponsored and chartered. That’s on top of achieving President’s Distinguished Area D53 in last Toastmaster year.

So always be ready to challenge the status quo! If you really believe in yourself, never take “No” as the answer.

What is your next challenge?

I guess the award itself says it all.

This award is for someone who has managed to generate multiple leads by utilising NEW techniques.

So the next challenge is to put together a framework which could be utilised as the out-of-the-box solution to launch new clubs. Then, to harness my experience and knowledge within District 91 and charter the series of new corporate clubs, especially in the government sector.