My three P’s



From the fledging uptake of Pathways in 2018 to today, where our members have collectively achieved over 3000 educational awards; Let’s celebrate the success of all our members who have achieved their educational goals!

This month we celebrate three years of our education system from the rollout, wow how time flies. I recall sitting at my club meeting and the buzz around the Pathways Guide’s presentation. There are many curious members that jumped in and embraced everything that was on offer. These front runners, raced ahead, navigating their way around Basecamp and providing support for other members as they stepped into the online learning experience. Though this wasn’t and isn’t the case for all our members. Some have sat out engagement with the education program and have yet to enrol onto it. To all members – support your club by engaging with the education program.

For all clubs on the Distinguished Club Program, there are six points available under the education section. Don’t miss out on achieving these points, update both Basecamp AND Club Central when members achieve their awards.

All of those members who renewed their membership by 31 December 2020, will have received notification from Toastmasters International of their gift of a free education path. The deadline for taking advantage of this is fast approaching – 31 March 2021. It is a use it or lose it situation. Consider your personal development goals, take the assessment, and bank yourself your future path.



All of us signed up to the Toastmasters Promise. Some clubs read this out when then vote in new club members. It’s a reminder to us all of what we have agreed to when with being members of our clubs.

The second promise, to prepare projects, basing them on the Toastmasters education program and the sixth promise to serve as a club officer when called upon to do so.



Has your club considered creating podcasts during Talk up Toastmasters?

There are plenty of our education paths (i.e. Dynamic Leadership, Persuasive Influence and Visionary Communications), that require members to create a podcast. This is a win, win, as the members complete an education goal and your club benefits from materials to post on the club website and social media channels.

There is also this series on the Toastmasters website for you to check out: if you are looking for ideas to get you started.


Program Quality Director

Helena Boden-Brewer, DTM