Clapping people

Which clubs are the New Year’s Evolution Challenge winners?

Congratulations to the clubs that completed all 3 challenges by 31 January!

1st London Toastmasters
Holborn Speakers
Cardiff Toastmasters
Chiltern Speakers Club
Worthing Speaker’s Club
London Business School Public Speaking Club
Oxford Speakers Club
City of London Toastmasters Club
Society Speakers

As a reminder, the challenges were:

1 – Expand and Grow: add 4 new club members.

2 – Lead and Adapt: ensure that all your club leaders (club committee) have registered for a path on the Pathways educational program.

3 – Review and Reward: log in to Club Central and check that everything is in order, for example, the club officer list is up to date; progress towards DCP status is on track; any other updates are done.

Growing your membership base, supporting your club committee, and keeping your club records in order are all attributes of a healthy and successful club. Thank you and good luck in our next challenges!