Demystifying the role of the Club Growth Director

Having read a number of Area Director visit reports, one of the things that struck a chord with me is that many of you may not know what the District Leadership Team does and what other roles are available within our great organisation. I thought I’d focus on a different angle this month and offer an insight into the Club Growth Director role and what the team looks like. In order to this, we need to think like a business. Ultimately, the organisation and our clubs have the same functions, they just might be called something else!

1. New Club Research (Marketing)

The first part of the District Mission is to ‘Build New Clubs.’ In order to do this sustainably every year, we need a process and always be looking for opportunities where we can create a new club. In a business setting, this may be the marketing department or lead generation function. Opportunity – Currently we have a couple of people doing a couple of short projects here and I’ll never say no to willing helpers!

2. Club Extension (Sales/Business Development)

This is the core part of the new club delivery, largely associated with the sales function in a business. This team would manage our pipeline of leads and be able to qualify which ones will turn around quickly and which will not. This is core to our success. Whilst personally looking after this one myself this year, no woman is an island and I’d happily talk to anyone keen to get involved!

3. Club Sponsors (Sales/Project Management)

Technically this sits under Club Extension and this year, Gagan Singh is the support/accountability buddy for those that take on this role. When a club is officially in the pre-charter process, milestones need to be met. Club Sponsors are like the ‘closers’ or project managers that carry a club to birth and beyond.

Opportunities – Where we have had movement on points 1 and 2, could you be a club sponsor for one of our prospective club ideas?

4. Club Quality (Implementation/Training)

We’ve given birth to a new club, but it’s a baby and for the most part, has no idea what it is doing! Even if there are experienced Toastmasters that are members, none of us knows everything about everything. This is where we appoint Club Mentors. Having spent a lot of time putting software solutions into businesses, I like to think of this as the ‘implementation’ team/period. Mike Burrows is our Club Quality Chair this year and is running a training/information session on this role on Monday 30th November – Register now

5. Club Retention (Customer Engagement/Crisis Management)

Sometimes, clubs and businesses get into crisis situations. Sadly, in part due to Covid, we have a number of clubs in our District that definitely need additional support. This is where we deploy club coaches and this year, we have a full Club Retention Team, led by Jacqui Rosser. On Sunday 29th November, she’ll be running an information session. Register now

There are some parts that I haven’t covered this month but they may be more visual to you! I hope that gives you an idea of what is involved in Club Growth life. Feel free to get in touch with us –