Spring Conference Contest Winners

By Chris Arning, PR Manager


The Spring Conference saw 4 epic contests and 4 winners from across the District. As always it was so inspiring to witness 8 contestants in each contest representing the best of their Division competing for the glory of the coveted District shields (seen below). I just want to reiterate my admiration for all the competitors.

There is a nobility in competing – measuring yourself against your peers. The word competition comes from the Latin word competere meaning – to strive together. Of course we all want to win, but in striving to win we help each other. As speakers, we don’t just help each other, we also honour the audience. By showing up and giving of their best all contestants inspired us all to dare to emulate them and to step into the arena one day.

So, who were the winners at the Conference? 

 Evaluation Contest, Sylvia Lobo, Toasted Sandwich

Sylvia Lobo of Toasted Sandwich Speakers won with a very incisive, amusing evaluation of Jacqui Rosser’s test speech about being short. Read more about her win and see how she reacted to it here.

Sylvia Lobo reaction video: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7063095752280928256

International Speech Contest, Anthony Garvey, Shilling Speakers

Anthony Garvey of Shilling Speakers showed it was possible to win online through his very funny speech entitled “Come to the Edge”. Read more about his win and see how he reacted to it here.

Humorous Speech Contest, Dan Magill, Croydon Communicators

Dan Magill of Speakers of Croydon won with a funny speech entitled “Lightbulb Moments” which showed the challenges of doing stand up. Read more about his win and see how he reacted to it here.

Dan Magill reaction video: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7063640059119329280

Table Topics Contest Winner, Sarina Mann, Hamwic Speakers

Sarina Mann of Hamwic Speakers won with a dynamic, balanced and well structured Table topic on ‘Fake ot Make it Or Learn it To Earn It”,. Read more about her win and see how she reacted to it here.

To read in depth interviews from each of our contest winners, then go here: https://d91toastmasters.org.uk/members/about-us/contests-winners/

Chris Arning, PR Manager, 2022-2023