The Race is on!

The Race is on to see who the first club in District 91 will be to win the new Jubilember incentive in May. The first 30 clubs to have five or more new members by the end of May 2022 will win the new award. Clubs will win an incentive award of £50. By winning the Jubilember, clubs will also automatically win the traditional Toastmasters end of year incentive award Beat the Clock.

As with previous years, we are again supporting the Toastmasters “Beat the Clock” campaign by rewarding the first 30 clubs to recruit five or more new members between 1st May and 30th June with a £50 incentive award.

This will mean that clubs will be able to claim up to £100 by gaining five new members in May.

Get ready to sign up new members while the Toastmasters International website is being updated and starts to accept membership payments on 23rd May and register them via the Toastmaster website as quickly as possible to ensure that your club wins.

Who will win the Marathon?

If the “Jubilember” and “Beat the Clock” awards can be considered “sprint events” as they only run for one or two months, the longer-term Net 10 award is more of a marathon as it has been running all year! To win a club needs a net growth of 10 members over its baseline membership number. If a club had 20 members on the 1st July 2021, then it will need 30 or more members by 15th June 2022 to win a £100 incentive award. The finishing line is fast approaching!

Global Advertising Campaign

The first results are back from Toastmasters International Headquarters about the LinkedIn advertising campaign they have been running since 23rd March. So far in the UK the ads have been seen by over 400,000 with 1,725 click-throughs to the Find A Club page. The above figures are for both District 91 and District 71, however 337 then searched and clicked on links to District 91 clubs which is twice as many as District 71 had in the same 30-day time frame.

Can I please ask all clubs, to ask guests where or how they found them and feed the information back to me? This will help us focus our own advertising and the TMI’s advertising and PR in the future.

A great reason to check that the link on your Find A Club page entry is monitored and enquires followed up.

We’re North of Manchester and in the Atlantic Ocean!

Can clubs please check that their details on the Find A Club page on the Toastmasters International website are correct. This week a colleague who lives in the north of England discovered that two District 91 clubs are based north of Manchester and another club was in the mid-Atlantic.

Keep on Running – have a great Club Building May and enjoy the Conference.


Diane Richardson,
District 91 Club Growth Director 2021/22