Which clubs won the Trained to Lead Award in September 2021?

Congratulations to the following clubs who have all won the Trained to Lead Award during the summer round of Toastmasters Leadership Institute / Club Officers Training (June – August) by getting all seven of the club officers trained

Hamwic Speakers
Shilling Speakers
Solent Speakers Club
Spinnaker Speakers
Casterbridge Speakers
Northavon Speakers Toastmasters Club
Polish your Polish
BT Enterprise Corporate Club
1st London Toastmasters
Bloomberg London Toastmasters
Camberley Speakers
Ascot & Bracknell Speakers
Riverside Communicators
Purley Speakers
The Speakers of Croydon Club

Toasted Sandwich Toastmasters Club
Oxford Speakers Club
Cardiff Toastmasters
Voice of Wales Speakers Club
Wye Knot Speakers
Central London Toastmasters
London Public Speakers
Experience French
Excalibur Speakers
Harrovian Speakers Toastmasters