Meet A Toastmaster: Barbara Saph

Division Director of the Year 2021/22

Barbara is a member of Hamwic Speakers and Salisbury Speakers and District 91 Division A Director in the Toastmasters year 2021-22.

How do you feel about winning the award?

Of course, I am hugely delighted and honoured to win this award which I was not expecting and quite emotional too as it serves to recognise all those people who helped to make it happen by working so hard to make the division successful this year.

What are you proud of the most, being a leader of this level?

I believe that with each level of leadership you have the chance to impact more journeys of the Toastmasters members. I have always been very focussed on helping members and clubs to gain as much benefit as possible from being in Toastmasters and to expand their horizons. This year I believe I have built good relationships with all the clubs, encouraged more cooperation and communication between clubs and areas and I am incredibly proud of how well the Clubs and Areas have done in a very challenging year. On a personal note, I have learned to love corporate clubs, too.

What would you advise other people starting this role?

There are just a very few pieces of advice I would give:

  1. Set the goals you want to achieve but be prepared to have those expectations challenged by those you are working with
  2. Plan your year in advance, keep those plans updated and remain flexible enough to change direction if you need to.
  3. Delegate to the wider team.
  4. Learn from the experience and enjoy the year as it will be a great opportunity for personal growth.
  5. Try to look at the big picture: members, clubs, areas, divisions and district all have their part and need to work together.

What is your next challenge?

The next Toastmaster challenges will include a new role as District 91 Alignment Chair, which I am looking forward to immensely as it is an opportunity to help shape how the District will develop in the future.

I now also have the chance to be the mentor for a great new corporate club. And I will be working to finish off my paths on track to DTM and I still have club committee roles in both of my clubs.

Last Updated on 2nd August 2022 by Chris Arning