Why do we align?

Very simply, it is because it is a requirement of Toastmasters International

‘Districts must review and amend, if necessary, its alignment of the clubs, Areas and Divisions once each year. Form an Alignment Committee to consider a plan that services the clubs in the most effective way possible and meets the requirements outlined in Policy and Protocol 7.0 District Structure, 1. Club Assignments in the Governing Documents. It is important for the committee to consider club growth as well as club loss when contemplating an alignment. The alignment is subject to the approval of the District Council at its annual business meeting in April/May and must be reported to Toastmasters International by July 15.’

The Protocol clearly states that:

  1. Areas must consist of four (4) to six (6) clubs
  2. No Area to have more than six (6) clubs on July 1
  3. A Division must have a minimum of three (3) Areas

To this end, the District Alignment Committee (DAC) is created each year to ensure that D91 complies with this instruction from Toastmasters International.

In the 2019/2020 Toastmasters year, the DAC comprised:

  • Janet Alkema (Chair)
  • Monika Swiderska (Data scientists and mapping expert)
  • Helena Boden-Brewer, the Club Growth Director
  • D91 Division Directors, or their designated representatives

The DAC gathered information on new clubs and failing clubs from Toastmasters International and, in consultation with Division Directors, determined the best solution for the movement of clubs between areas to comply with the Protocol.

This year, 2019/2020, the D91 experienced phenomenal growth and the DAC recommended the creation of a new division to ease pressure and overcrowding in adjoining areas.

We now have 8 divisions with a better distribution of clubs within Areas which is far more manageable for the Area Directors than in the previous year.

Read and review our District 91 Alignment Committee Reports