Meet A Toastmaster: Jackie Graybill

Triple Crown Award Winner

Jackie Graybill

Jackie has just won her first Triple Crown in her fourth path, Strategic Relationships path

Worcester Speakers

What is your secret to winning the award?

I joined Toastmasters in 2019, and until the pandemic hit, I had only given two speeches. Once we went online, though, and my club in the US elected me the President. This is when I thought to ramp this up a little bit. I started delving into Pathways and realised how many people in my club back in the US were speaking. So decided to sign up for a speech every week. My club might have gotten sick of me, but I went through Pathways like crazy!

So if somebody wants a recommendation for how to approach Pathways, I would say to join another club so you have more than one place to speak at. And get to know the Pathways curriculum. There are so many fun elective speeches and projects! And I was surprised how much fun it was once I started jumping in! Really, you just have to jump off the diving board and let your club catch you.

What is your next challenge?

I am so excited about my next challenge! It’s  not just finishing my fourth pathway and beginning another one, but also my journey towards being a DTM. This year I am the Area Director of J11, and I am working my way towards that DTM.

No matter where you are in your Toastmasters journey, trust your club to catch you and have fun speaking.