Accelerate your development

Win a Triple Crown Award any time during the 2023-2024 programme year

Accelerate your learning

Ongoing learning is a fundamental part of your Toastmasters journey, whilst watching and evaluating others is a great learning process, to fast track your communication and presentation skills you need to actively contribute by giving speeches to your club(s), take roles and offering support helps you to evolve your communication skills and boosts personal development.

Achieve three different level Pathways education awards or two level awards and the Pathways Mentoring award during the Toastmaster year to earn the prestigious Triple Crown Award! Completing three level awards at the same level doesn’t count towards a Triple Crown award, each award must be at a different level.

By achieving a Triple Crown award you’ll

  • Become one of the few dedicated members who win the award each year.
  • Help your club achieve Distinguished status.
  • And be recognised for your efforts at our annual Hall of Fame.