Meet A Toastmaster: Jacqui Rosser

Club Retention Team Lead

What is the committee you lead and why is it an important role?

Club Retention Team aims to support struggling clubs, i.e a club with fewer than 12 members by providing them with 1 or 2 club coaches. My role is to source club coaches, train them, support them and match them to a struggling club.

Why would you recommend this role to someone?

Club coach is a very important role and the rewards are great. Club coaches can gain credit towards being a DTM, they learn valuable personal development skills, for example: negotiation, facilitation, leadership, persuasion, managing conflict etc.

What is your next challenge?

Finding coaches!!! When we were operating online, we could use coaches from outside the club’s area or even outside the UK. However, now that many clubs are meeting face-to-face this no longer becomes feasible unless the club utilises hybrid meetings. The role is a 2 year commitment and many members are reluctant to commit to a club for this long.

More information about club coaches can be found on Toastmasters International website:

Our District vacancies for coaches are here.

If you are still hesitant to participate or not, check our blog and find the ultimate question To be or not to be the Club Coach answered by Clare Crowther from Armada Speakers.