Meet A Toastmaster: Lucinda Harman

Triple Crown Award Winner

Lucinda Harman

Lucinda is a member of three clubs – Shilling Speakers in Division A and two corporate clubs in D74. She is on her 4th pathway, Innovative Planning. Next in the queue us the Leadership Development.

Shilling Speakers

How do you feel about achieving so much?

I am driven and a high achiever. Whatever I get involved in, I give it my all. I constantly set goals for myself so I keep fit, alert and ready for what opportunities present themselves. Achieving and personal excellence invigorates me. As a Growth Strategist, growth is daily my objective both for myself and those I coach or train.

What is your secret?

It firstly was a way for me to support my club with their educational goals and setting the pace to inspire other members. I felt my speaking skills needed a boost and I knew three Pathways levels would give me the boost I needed. I am fairly self-disciplined and driven and I challenge myself constantly to grow and achieve beyond my comfort zone. I achieved what I set out to do. Toastmasters Pathways is self-paced programme, and as a coach I will challenge others yet remembering that their pace and goals are unique to them.

If you have a goal in mind then you can use your Pathways levels to achieve it.

What is your next challenge?

Yes, there is always a ‘next challenge or rather challenges’. I am focusing on my career as a trainer internationally with an eye on the TED stage (my TEDx goal completed November 2020). The possibility of completing my second DTM before mid 2022 is in view.  Continuing my leadership journey is also a high priority.

I have been given many opportunities internationally as a Toastmaster and look forward to all new opportunities.

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