Meet A Toastmaster: Mo Ajibola

Triple Crown Award Winner

Mo is a member of Hamwic Speakers club. He achieved his Triple Crown in the Dynamic Leadership path.

How do you feel about achieving so much?

The first time I’ve heard about the Triple Crown I was really excited about rising up to the challenge. I am very proud of my achievement and I’m more confident about my public speaking skills. I have learned a lot and applied the techniques I learned during this journey to my personal and professional life.

It gives me a sense of reassurance knowing there is a toolbox I reach for when I need to make presentations or give a speech.

What is your secret to winning the award?

Three tools helped me in achieving my Triple Crown.

First, I had a goal in mind and tried to book my speeches in advance. This gave me time to think about my speech, structure and rehearse in advance.

Second, I embraced the feedback process not just for myself but throughout our weekly meetings. I wrote what worked and what could be improved. I have a Toastmasters book where I write down a summary of my evaluation, and I also note there good ideas from other Toastmasters’s speeches and evaluations. I then apply this to my next speech.

Finally, I benefited immensely from the workshops held at my local club. These gave me practical tools and examples on how to structure my speech to gain maximum impact from the audience.

What is your next challenge?

My next challenge is to finish my Dynamic Leadership path and reflect on lessons learned throughout this process.

I’m already eyeing my next path – Strategic Relationships and I’m excited to see where this takes me.

Mo Ajibola
Mo Ajibola

Hamwic Speakers