Meet A Toastmaster: Patrick Gannon

Triple Crown Award Winner

Patrick is a member of Manor House Speakers. He achieved his Triple Crown in the Presentation Mastery path.

How do you feel about achieving so much?

Toastmasters has been transformative for me. For many years, I dreaded public speaking and now after just one year of attending Toastmasters I feel lots more confident and consequently more self assured when giving speeches and presentations in both my professional life and in my personal/social life.

What is your secret to winning the award?

The secret in completing 3+ educational awards is to attend meetings consistently and regularly, alongside giving prepared speeches as often as possible. One of the great advantages of writing and giving speeches at Toastmasters is that you receive constructive evaluation from other club members after every speech.  My top tip is to ‘practice, practice, practice’.

What is your next challenge?

This year I’ve also taken on the role of Club President which has also challenged me to step up my leadership skills. My next challenge is to complete level three of my path, Presentation Mastery, before the end of this year. For anyone who feels anxious or nervous when public speaking, I genuinely cannot recommend Toastmasters highly enough. It will change your life.

Patrick Gannon
Patrick Gannon

Manor House Speakers