Open your house and talk up.

Over the last couple of months, I have been dispatching Open House boxes to our clubs. Many clubs are using the opportunity of Talk up Toastmasters to promote their clubs, invite guests along and showcase what Toastmasters is all about.
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What’s in the box?

There are ribbons, badges, pens, leaflets, timing cards, badge holders, table topic cards and Toastmasters promise cards.

These materials help you run the event. Though the hard work begins way before you receive the box of goodies.


It’s all in the promotion of the event. I accepted an invitation to attend the Open House held by Ascot & Bracknell Speakers, to assist by running the Table Topics session. In arriving early, they put me to work, setting up the room and putting out chairs.

The members managing the registration desk were prepared with guest packs and smiles. The doors open, guests arrive, and the guests keep coming. From this point on, the club members were set to work, greeting guests, showing them to seats and chatting about Toastmasters. This created a fantastic atmosphere and a buzz around the meeting venue. When the club VPPR came up to me as said,Wow, the promotion on Facebook worked.’ Similarly, aghast and chuffed all in one.

The promotional activity and marketing is key. Focusing efforts on this side reaps results. There is £100 available to help cover venue hire and marketing of this event. This is the question I receive most, how to claim the £100? The District Finance Guide is the starting place You will need receipts for the expenses.

Good luck to all those with Open House meeting planned for the next couple of months. Remember to post on social media afterwards too. Encourage members to like and share you posts. Add in hashtags #Toastmasters #wearetoastmasters #whereleadersaremade it all helps raise awareness.

Pizza time…. Renewals of your club membership, it now this time of year. Help your club Treasury’s by renewing your membership with them as early as possible. Our incentive the 80:20 pizza challenge is back too. This proved to be extremely successful in the Autumn with clubs managing to retention 80% of their members and along with renewing 20 plus members. Clubs have already started submitting renewals, which is fantastic.

And finally…

At events I have attended; the London TLI which kicked off 2020, Division TLIs, contests, club launches and Open House meetings, it’s you the member that makes the magic happen. You have made me so welcome. Thank you for all your hard work over the last couple of months. It is much appreciated.


Last Updated on 5th August 2020 by Susan Rayner