Reports Dashboards

Keeping track of your Club, Area, Division helps us understand how we are performing and ensures we are delivering value to our members. To help you achieve success for your club there is a bank of information to help you.

With the reports available you can explore information by Club, Area, Division and District 91 as well all the other districts around the world. In addition, you can select daily reports which will show, amongst other things, which members need to achieve educational awards, which clubs have paid dues, and which clubs are newly chartered this year.

Understanding how your club is performing is key to helping build a strong sustainable club.

Performance Report Sources

District Dashboard

See how your Club, Area, Division and District are doing with DCP points, membership strength and membership renewals. This tool is updated daily and worth checking regularly.

Daily Reports

These reports are updated daily and offer information on membership renewals submission, Triple Crown Awards, members who achieved educational awards and lists of Club Sponsors/Mentors/Coaches.

Additional Reports

These provide extra information on how each Area and Division in a District is performing and how a District is doing against all other Districts worldwide.

Useful District Stats

Sometimes we would like to get information faster, before it appears in the official Toastmasters International. These reports built by D91 Data Team can help you with the operational reporting and allow to find insights in a clear and easy way. Use these dashboards to make educated decisions supported by real data.