Saving Kings

Embarking on my Toastmasters journey has been nothing short of a riveting adventure, a saga filled with challenges, growth, and triumphs that have shaped my narrative in unexpected ways.

Picture this: my first encounter with Toastmasters at university, navigating the intricacies of public speaking while wrestling with my own stammer. The journey began in the Holborn Speakers Club, where even uttering my name proved to be a Herculean task. But amidst the initial struggles, the supportive camaraderie of fellow club members fuelled my determination.

As fate would have it, the path led me to the Kings Speakers Toastmasters—a haven tailored for those, like me, grappling with stammers and social anxiety. I flourished in embracing this unique community, earning competent communication and leadership accolades. The club burgeoned to almost 50 members, necessitating a quest for a new meeting space and launching a dazzling website.

Yet, life’s twists took me to Cambridge, where attempts to replicate the Kings Speakers magic fell short. Three transformative years unfolded, enriched by the McGuire Programme’s wisdom, but a return to London brought unforeseen challenges. Mainstream Toastmasters struggled to comprehend techniques crucial to individuals like me, leading to psychological setbacks.

In the face of adversity, the prospect of rejuvenating the Kings Speakers club emerged. Undeterred by tales of closure, I seized the reins and assumed the mantle of its president. The vision? To rebrand as the Stammer and Social Anxiety (SASA) Toastmasters Club—a beacon for those seeking understanding and community. London’s pervasive loneliness spurred a mission: to forge connections, transforming strangers into Shrek or Ice Age-like families.

Join me on this exhilarating quest as SASA Toastmasters Club ascends to greatness. Let us redefine the Toastmasters experience, fostering a supportive environment where triumph over speech impediments is not just a personal victory but a shared celebration. Together, we shall conquer the challenges, rewriting the narrative of stammerers and those battling social anxiety in the vibrant tapestry of London life.

Vibesan Illampooranan
Kings Speakers