Awards Galore!

January saw myself, Florian and Andy receive our Mid-Year Training and boy we have some news! 

Renewals – Your Club will have received an email confirming the renewals window is open, this is great news and it means the 20 to 20 pizza challenge is now open! At the time of writing this article, we already have our first Club to renew its members … Congratulations to Epsom Speakers Club for being the first to renew 30 members already!

Talk-Up Toastmasters – On 1st February, the Talk Up Toastmasters campaigns opens. Every Club that adds 5+ new, dual or reinstated members between 1st Feb and 31st Mar will receive this coveted award. Award winners will receive a new ribbon to display on their Club banner and 10% off their next order from the Toastmasters store. Additionally, each winning Club will receive a free pack of Pathways ribbons from the District.

Zeus Award – What is this? Another Greek god? Yes, and more specifically a new District Award launching this year. All Clubs that have been awarded the Smedley Award and go on to get both the Talk-Up Toastmasters and Beat The Clock Awards will receive a very special Award in the Summer as long as they end the year with a net growth of at least 10 members. As we strive for Excellence, the Zeus Award will reward those Clubs achieving an outstanding performance on membership growth.

Club Coach – Looking for a new Challenge that will earn you credit towards your ALS or DTM? You may be the perfect candidate as a Club Coach. And hot off the press, Toastmasters will not only award your credit for rebuilding a Club, but you will also qualify to receive credit as District Officer. This is a short term change that will be awarded to all successful Club Coaches by either 30 June 2019 or 30 June 2020. Don’t hesitate, get in touch with me and let’s rebuild our weaker Clubs by sharing your knowledge, members will truly thank you for it. Have a question on the Club Coach program? Take a look at the FAQ or contact me directly.

Last Updated on 7th October 2020 by Susan Rayner