Arnaud Sartre DTM – Candidate for Programme Quality Director

Arnaud Sartre DTM – Candidate for Programme Quality Director

Why are you running for this District Leadership Role? Why now?

I have so far enjoyed all the roles I took on, including their challenges and conflicts at times.  The Programme Quality Director role feels like a natural evolution at this point, building on the learnings I got from helping build Clubs, coaching a Club and leading Clubs. I have witnessed first-hand the benefits membership brings, leading our District to continue to be one of the best in the World is very exciting, especially at the current juncture with Pathways transition ending at the end of the 2019/20 term.

What is your vision for the role?

Be the most value-added organisation for experiential communication and leadership skills development.

How will you go about achieving this vision?

First I will address the biggest challenge mentioned above and start building a team that will deliver on this vision from election time if not before.

Second, we will build on the tremendous work past leaders have contributed to lead us to being consistently one of the best Districts in the World for the number of Distinguished Clubs.

Third, working with the DLT and DEC, we will develop our outward message in recognition of our vision.

Last but not least, we will revise the District Excellence plan in areas that did not work as expected, and leverage our best practices to continue to develop our next generation of leaders.

How do you plan to achieve Distinguished status?

Multi-faceted approach:

  • Strong District Officer Training offering
  • Share best Club practices
  • Promote the Distinguished Club Program as a means to an end, not an end
  • Deliver a world-class educational opportunity at conference
  • Partner with Club Growth Director on continued retention efforts

What is the greatest challenge you may face as District Leader?

Our Traditional program is coming to an end on 30th June 2020 and could be a drag on our retention numbers. Based on current numbers, we still have a long way to go before full adoption of Pathways, starting with Club officers.

Reformation may also be rearing its head and is vital to stay abreast of how this may impact the District.

How will you work with others to achieve success?

I will bring my enthusiasm and laid back yet focused approach to the role. Understanding individual’s priorities and aligning with the District goals will be key to success early on. Firm believer of human interactions, I will endeavour to meet key stakeholders in person regularly. Leverage past 4 years of International conference attendance to build strong links across Districts.

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