Calling all Club Presidents and Vice Presidents of Education!

From the Spring 2015 Tower Conference team

Play your part – make key decisions affecting your clubs

District council meetingAt the District Council Meeting on 9 May 2015 the decision makers are you – the Club Presidents and Club Vice Presidents Education – 250 of you – plus Area Governors, Division Governors and the District Leadership Team.

Your role at the meeting includes:
• electing the new District Leadership Team
• reviewing how your district budget has been spent
• voting on the alignment proposal for clubs/areas/divisions for 2015/16
• voting on other motions that have been proposed by Toastmasters members across District 91 UK South

Your role as a member of the District Council is a vital one. You represent your club and your club members’ interests.

District Council meetings happen twice a year. It’s an opportunity to be involved. In addition it’s a great way to understand the bigger picture. How does your club fit into the District? What’s the District’s Mission and how does it support your club mission? Are District goals being achieved? What are the future developments that are important for all of us?

Helping members to learn to run meetings well, including the use of Parliamentary procedure, is one of the club goals outlined in the club constitution. The District Council Meeting is part of this learning process for all of us.

All members of Toastmasters clubs are welcome to attend the meeting

Most Toastmasters members who attend for the first time are amazed at everything that goes on behind the scenes – it’s truly an eye opener!

As the District Council meetings take place only twice a year why not come along? You’ll be there anyway for the conference (we hope)! As a club member you’ll get the opportunity to:

• Familiarise yourself with District 91’s mission and goals
• Witness nominations and elections of District Officers
• Find out about progress made toward District goals from District Governor, Hilary Briggs and the District team
• See the ‘bigger picture’ beyond your club
• Meet and network with other Toastmasters who will be attending the council meeting

When and where is the District Council Meeting?

The council meeting will commence at 11:05 on Saturday 9 May 2015 and end at 13:00. Venue: Grange City Hotel, London.

Will you be attending? Have you attended a District Conference before? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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