D91 Coppid Beech Conference Speakers

The conference date is fast approaching and thanks to all those who have booked to date and we look forward to many more such bookings in the next 10 days as we really wouldn’t like you to miss the EARLY BIRD prices.

Your D91 Spring Conference Team has been working non-stop to bring you the greatest conference experience and a fantastic social weekend. We’ve set  We believe that events like this are an opportunity for ALL Toastmasters to grow.

Additional to our workshop speakers this year, we will be honoured to have Dan Rex, the CEO of Toastmasters International as our key note speaker.

The long-awaited moment has arrived and we are now ready to reveal what each workshop will include.

Claire Carpenter

From Competent Communicator to professional speechwriter: How one Toastmaster turned pro, and what you can learn from her experiences.

Claire Carpenter

In this interactive workshop Claire will give a glimpse of what it’s like to write speeches for people in power.  She’ll share some of the tips and techniques she’s picked up in her job and will show you how you can spruce up your own speeches.

You’ll also discover:

  • One essential ingredient that you as Toastmasters can add to your speeches, which most top politicians and business leaders are missing
  • The one thing you can sprinkle over your speeches to instantly add interest and colour

One key tip to improve your delivery every time

Glen Savage

Storytelling – the secret sauce to sizzling and successful speaking

Glen Savage

Do you want to inform, inspire and influence others? Do you want to make your message more meaningful and memorable? Then learn to harness the power and magic that storytelling can weave.

In this session, you will:

  • Explore the structure and essential elements of stories
  • Learn the 2 most powerful elements of a story to make it sizzle
  • Get tips, ideas and insights to utilize in your own storytelling
  • Experiment with stories

Glen Savage is a multi-award winning public speaker and speaking coach. He has over 20 years of training and people development experience, nine years’ experience in Toastmasters and qualifications as a public speaking teacher and voice coach. Glen is in demand as a speaking coach, mentor and trainer as well as a conference MC and speaker.

Brett Freeman

Communicating with Confidence

Bret Freeman                                                                                         

Research suggests that 75% of all people suffer from speaking anxiety. Most presentations and conferences that people attend these days are filled with valuable information. Often, however, that information never reaches its audience in the way it was intended because of the way it is presented.

This practical workshop will introduce you to Bret’s P.O.W.E.R. methodology, and will help you adjust your mind-set and provide you with real tools to help you:

  1. Learn to overcome anxiety
  2. Learn to prepare yourself to
  3. Learn valuable tips and tricks to help capture and hold your audience’s attention

Brett Freeman

POWER-full  Presentations

Bret Freeman

Constructing a speech can be a tricky thing! We all know that we should have a beginning, middle and end, but how do we create speeches that are memorable? In this workshop, Bret Freeman will discuss the language and structure of POWER-full communication and equip you with the necessary tools to gain rapport with your audience and hold their attention, plus skills to use language and advanced techniques to make sure they are hanging on your every word.

 Bret Freeman is an award winning international speaker and has delivered thousands of talks, workshops and presentations all over the world. From boardrooms to the O2 arena, Bret has shared his insights with tens of thousands. He is a part time events host, internationally recognized Boxing and MMA Ring Announcer, Snooker Presenter, Television personality and even Come Dine With Me Winner. Bret has also had a very successful IT sales career and now runs his own public speaking and high performance mind-set coaching business called LifeVroom.

Andy Hammond

Pathways Pit-Stop – Drop in session

Andy Hammond

By May, many members will already be under way with Pathways and no doubt eager to learn more. This session will be hosted by our Pathways Guides and Ambassadors and will provide the opportunity to ask your questions about the Pathways programme and receive practical demonstrations and tuition on how to interact with Basecamp.

The drop-in session is being coordinated by Program Quality Director Andy Hammond.

Resilient Leadership

Charlotte Hitchins

‘When the going gets tough the tough get going’.

Resilient leaders remain resourceful, creative and healthy in the face of challenges, no matter how testing. They learn from their experiences and can put that learning into practice for continuous improvement. Building on Charlotte’s own experience of leadership and of coaching leaders, this session will cover some key qualities and skills shared by resilient leaders, explain why leaders need to develop their resilience and provide practical ideas on how to do so.

You will:

  • Explore what resilience is and why it is so critical for good leadership
  • Learn about some common characteristics of resilient leaders

Consider what action to take to improve your own leadership resilience.

Patrick Young

Pipes and Straws of Emotional Intelligence

Patrick Young

A stimulating, thought provoking, occasionally interactive and fun introduction to the wonders of Emotional Intelligence. Come and find out how stimulating your brain enables you to become even more intelligent than you are right now! Pipes and Straws is an entertaining workshop on developing Emotional Intelligence, describing what it is, showing you how to get it, and suggesting what to do with it once you’ve got it!

Pat has been helping individuals, groups and teams to enhance their emotional intelligence for over two decades.

Helen Pettifer

Speaking to difficult audiences

Selina Griffin and Helen Pettifer

We all know that Toastmasters is a wonderful and supportive environment to practice public speaking, but the real world can be very different. Selina and Helen will share with you their expertise and techniques on how to speak to audiences that can be disinterested, difficult or even downright hostile.

Helen is a Customer Service expert, consultant, and trainer. She runs her own training company based in Buckinghamshire, bringing advice and support to companies on both internal and external Customer Service. She designs and delivers training programmes covering a variety of topics on customer engagement. She is a public speaker on the subject, and is regularly invited to speak at conferences, seminars, and business exhibitions.

Selina Griffin

Selina is a data analyst and professional speaker. She worked for the University of Oxford for four years, analysing data for fundraising. During this time, she led a team to the most successful direct mail fundraising campaign at Oxford to date, raising £250,000. Selina’s job sees her managing a team, analysing data sets as well as giving presentations internationally both at conferences and to clients. She has delivered presentations to audiences in the United States, Bosnia, Indonesia, China, Canada and the United Arab Emirates. As a Toastmaster, she won the District 91 Humorous Speech contest in 2015 on her first attempt. She is the President of Aylesbury Speakers.


Nigel Osland

Getting Paid to $peak

Nigel Osland

Nigel has made presentations at international conferences since he began his career as a government researcher some 30 years ago. However, it is only since joining Toastmasters that he has been invited and paid to speak at conferences in places such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bergen, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Delhi, Helsinki, Madrid, Munich, Oslo and Zurich. Thus, he combines his passions for speaking with traveling.

Nigel shares his personal experience of how he managed to get invited to conferences and paid to speak. Nigel offers valuable tips on how to develop a USP and become recognised as an international expert. He will discuss how to make yourself more attractive as public speaker and how to market yourself to targeted audiences.

Clinton Wingrove

SuperTeams: Using the principles of RESPECT to unleash explosive performance

Clinton Wingrove

Have you ever noticed that some teams, even those composed of seemingly mediocre people, can excel, yet some, made up of “top talent,” just don’t seem to cut it?

In concert with Dr Paul Marciano, Clinton was commissioned to explore the phenomenon of SuperTeams – those teams that just smash it! Based on their research, they wrote “SuperTeams: Using the principles of RESPECT to unleash explosive business performance,” McGraw-Hill 2014.

This workshop exposes the powerful and contagious impact of individual behaviour on team performance. It covers the five dimensions of RESPECT that are needed for SuperTeam performance, and the behavioural drivers that create and sustain those dimensions.

Attendees get the chance to assess their own team(s) and can receive a list of behaviours to practice themselves. This workshop provides practical advice on how to take any group of people and unleash exceptional performance.


We all look very much forward to seeing you at the Conference on 5th and 6th of May at Coppid Beech Hotel.

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Gulbin Chaworth-Musters

D91 Conference PR Manager

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