D91 Spring 2015 Tower Conference Workshops

From the Spring 2015 Tower Conference Team

D91 conferenceIn our last blog post we introduced you to our keynote speakers. Today we’d like to introduce you to the leaders of our Spring 2015 Tower Conference workshops.

The great thing about a Toastmasters district conference is that it’s packed to the brim with useful workshops. Pick and choose which ones you’d like to attend, depending on your personal needs.

Every workshop is either on the Leadership or Communication track.

Saturday morning 9 May

There will be two workshops running alongside each other, both starting at 09:55.

09:55 ‘Centred, calm, connected – vital communication when the heat is on’ by Richard Fallon, City Limits Speakers and voice and communication skills trainer.

09:55 ‘Could you be a leader?’ will be run by Bob Nisbet DTM, current Division H Governor.

12 noon ‘Understand your audience. Understand your content.’ Julie Gould, Early Bird Speakers, and editor at Nature Publishing Group, will show us how to communicate our topic to our audience, however complicated or technical it is.

Saturday afternoon 9 May

After lunch two workshops will again run side by side at 14:00

14:00 ‘Handle Q&As with confidence’ by Paul Carroll, expert debater and impromptu speaker, founding President of 104 London Debaters.

14:00 ‘Leadership in the workplace’ by Liz Hobbs DTM, charter member of Tube Talk Toastmasters, currently spearheading the design and implementation of a project knowledge management system across Transport for London.

Sunday 10 May

Two workshops will start at 10:20 – giving you time to recover from Saturday night’s gala dinner!

10:30Speaking without words – the power of silent communication’ by Lynne Cantor, Excalibur Speakers, District Evaluation Champion 2012

10:30 ‘Create dialogue in difficult situations’ run by Khaled Matlagaitu, International Director to the Board of Toastmasters International (2013-2015, Europe, Africa and West, Central & North Asia).

11:30 a further two workshops take place simultaneously:

11.30 ‘Improv for Toastmasters’ by Ian Hawkins Early Bird Speakers and speaking coach and Al Cowie Early Bird Speakers and expert on performance skills.

11:30 ‘Creating future performance through coaching’ will be run by Charlotte Hitchings, Cardiff Toastmasters and Voice of Wales, immediate past Division J Governor, Accredited coach with extensive business experience.

Followed by a final choice…

12.15 Trainers bureau showcase with Andy O’Sullivan, London Public Speakers

12:15 Chris Boden, Maidenhead and Reading Speakers, District International Speech Champion (2014) and District Evaluation Champion (2011) will be running a workshop ‘From Inspiration to Celebration’ to help us turn our Toastmasters speeches into masterpieces.

In summary…

With ELEVEN workshops to choose from over the weekend, you’re guaranteed to leave the conference with masses of ideas to implement.

Detailed information about the Spring 2015 Tower Conference workshops and speakers can be found at http://www.spring-conference.org/2015Tower/ along with the full agenda for the weekend.

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